Bowls from a press mold from this summer.

I am not ready for my presentation tomorrow and I feel like I am going to throw up and die. My anxiety is reaching for the stars.

Vase set from this summer

Some random ceramic stuff from this summer

My eyeliner game is fierce today. #neverdomymakeup

Adventures with Jennifer

We ate lots of good food, went to the corn maze and got very lost. I sliced my hand open on a slide and we played little carnival games. Then we drove off into the fog and got lost, drove past a “no exit” sign, ended up a fence post and a curb away from a road so we just just drove through it! Then we took many wrong turns and this evening was lots of fun.

"The eye looks beyond this world and into the next, and sees the reflection of Man himself…Your eye will now see God, reflected back. It will see you." #Hannibal #NBChannibal #grainelevators